Welcome to Kerr Village Productions

We are a collection of local talent to assist you with all your music, video and design needs. From recording, mixing and mastering, to website design and music videos - we are your one-stop shop. Our goal is to provide all the services needed in the music industry at a professional level and affordable rate.

We run Pro Tools with a selection of various vocal, instrument and drum mics in an acoustically treated environment. Our software has a large variety of plug-ins for full mixes, mastering and any editing including timing and pitch issues.

Please take a few minutes to check out our services while listening to examples of our work.

To book studio time drop us a line at kerrvillageproductions@gmail.com or call 905-510-2085

Charlie Jacklin


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Charlie Jacklin is a local producer, recording engineer, songwriter and musician based in the Kerr Village of Oakville, Ontario. He has spent the better part of the last decade playing in bands while jamming with and recording the most prominent local music artists.